Therapy is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual process.

Each session is designed in a unique and exclusive way according to the consultant and his/her personal requirements.

1. Intention

The session starts when the client shares the reason for the consultation and the intention of the therapy.

2. Experience

  • Family constellations consider the person as part of their family system, where each member is linked to the others.


  • For Family Constellations most of the problems that affect us are related to unresolved issues in the lives of our ancestors.


  • The Constellation frees us from unconscious loyalties and restores the natural order of the family system.


  • The Constellation helps us to live our life with our own destiny, recognizing and honoring our ancestors.
  • Conscious breathing is the practice of breathing with awareness, intention, and attention to our inner experience, to support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being.


  • The process begins once we connect the breath and continue for as long as this connected breathing pattern is sustained.


  • During the session physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and spiritual experiences may arise. Breathing through these experiences allows us to stay present with them with compassion. Whatever happens, keep on breathing!


  • Sometimes a release will emerge as a feeling of catharsis through tears, laughter, or movement.


  • Finally we will return to balance and the sensation of inner peace.

*Based in the International Breathwork Foundation.

Brennan Healing Science is an enlightening system of healing that combines hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes touching every aspect of your life.

Based on the living dynamics of our Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to the greater world of which we all are intimately a part, Brennan Healing Science can transform your life into the balanced, enlightened experience of mystery that you have always wanted it to be.

  • Learn your unique life purpose.

  • Develop hara, the intention and ability to accomplish life goals.

  • Establish deep connection with inner spiritual guidance and fulfill your heart’s true longings.

  • Promote physical healing of many disease conditions.

  • Restore a sense of well-being and emotional stability.

  • Clear and strengthen mental capabilities.

  • Learn the creative process from your Divine Core through the Hara and Aura into the physical world.

*Brennan Healing Science

2. Integration

Integration is a process through which we understand the full meaning and value of everything that has happened and it is an important part of therapy. It often continues for hours or days after a session.

It is important at the end of the session to stay hydrated and listen to the body during the rest of the day so that the integration process towards our life and the outside world continues.

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